Frequently Asked Questions

Hi! pipe smokers, friends. I don’t call you our customers because we are not a company and our work is not about business. It’s about just pipe smoking. My job is meerschaum hunting, it’s my hobby. Finding good and quality meerschaum stones and of course work with expert meerschaum carvers. Our principles are find perfect stone make perfect pipe. Because of this we innovate meerschaum pipes. We use Italian briar in tenon. Hope you enjoy our Blackmeerschaums.

Our workshop located in Eskisehir and office in Ankara.

Buy it. Use it. If you don’t like Black Meerschaum send to Turkey.

Free shipping: 2 weeks

DHL : 3 days America, 2 days European

Because we use only high quality block meerschaums.

Yes ofcourse. I use it. Useful than other tenon materials. More absorbent and more healthy.

Yes! it’s our hobby to creat different shapes and make special orders. But you should wait 10 or 15 days. We live in meerschaum land and we have a lot of craftmans but firstly we must find correct block to make special blackmeerschaum. High quality block meerschaum+right craftman+a little more time=the dream of pipe smoker

Just mail to us about your wish and wait your Blackmeerschaum.

Standard International Delivery requires the consignee/customer to pay duty & taxes and brokerage fees mandated by the Government for which the shipment is received. Please check with your local agency for details on estimated fees. Blackmeerschaum is not responsible for duties and taxes. The customer is responsible for these destination fees. If an international package is refused for any reason, we will not refund the customer for the merchandise nor shipping & handling charges. We do not pay for return shipping when the package is abandoned internationally.